Press Releases

London Wall Partners LLP (“LWP”), the City based financial advisory firm, is delighted to announce the appointment of Kenneth Volpert as a Senior Adviser to its Investment Committee.

Ken Volpert, CFA, ACC, has built diverse investment management teams for nearly 30 years.   His last 26 years (1992-2018) were with Vanguard where he built up their bond indexing business from a $1 billion business with two portfolios to a $750 billion business with global investment teams and more than 80 portfolios.  Prior to 2007, Ken was the fund manager of Vanguard Total Bond Market Portfolio as well as Vanguard’s TIPS portfolio.  

From 2007 to 2014 Ken managed the taxable bond business for Vanguard in the US which included all Vanguard’s actively managed bond funds and index funds.  Ken was instrumental in transforming Vanguard’s active bond management process which involved significant change management and team training and development.  From 2014 to 2018 he was Head of Investments for Vanguard UK and Europe (London based) where he oversaw Vanguard’s 80 person investment team in UK/Europe covering all asset classes and managed the global bond indexing business (teams in the US, Europe and Asia-PAC).  Ken has significant experience with the challenges and complexities of matrix management of global teams. 

Since retiring from Vanguard in 2018, Ken has completed all training to receive his ACC coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation so he now also provides executive coaching to leaders in the finance sectors.  In addition, Ken serves on a few non-profit Boards and Investment Committees.  He has a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois, an MBA from the University of Chicago, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC).  He resides in Santa Monica, California with his wife.

Ken commented on his appointment: “having known Nick Fletcher for a number of years, I am pleased to be joining his firm and the team contributing to investment decisions”. Nick Fletcher, founder and Senior Partner of London Wall Partners, commented: “Ken is a skilled investor and I believe that he will, without doubt, add significantly to the success of our investment proposition”.

Ingrid Kirby and John Holmes, who have served on the committee for ten and seven years respectively, will be retiring by rotation at the end of the year, but will remain friends of the firm.  We are grateful for their respective contributions.

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