Letter to the Financial Times

Letters to the FT

Sir, The headline “Why I believe Britain belongs in Europe” (Martin Wolf, June 22) reminded me of the famous golf match on the basis that sport, and golf in particular, can be somewhat indicative of life in general.

Since the biennial competition started in 1927 between the US and Great Britain (Ireland joined the party in 1953) up until the 1977 competition, the score was 18 to the US and three to GB & I, with one tied match. Since 1979 when golfers from Europe were included until the latest competition in 2014, the score was nine to the US and 10 to Europe with one tied match.

In golf, the evidence from the past 88 years of the contest suggests that Britain is more competitive in the Ryder Cup with Europe than without. Despite the imperfections of the EU, which are well rehearsed and many in number (and can be sorted from within), I know who I would rather live with both as a golfer and as an economist if the last century is anything to go by.

Nick Fletcher
London SW18, UK