Investment Notes

As disscussed on the call, please find attached here a link to an extract from our April 2020 Investment Update with Nick's closing remarks about Mr. Market.

You can listen to our quarterly economic and investment update, recorded on 12 April 2022, with the following contributors from London Wall Partners (“LWP”):

  • Ian McCafferty, CBE, former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee and member of the LWP Investment Committee;
  • Stuart Fowler, Investment Director of LWP; and
  • Nick Fletcher, Senior Partner of LWP and Chairman of the Investment Committee.

In summary, Ian explained that, in his view, the most likely outcome of the war in Ukraine would be to have a limited impact on the global economy, aside from the inflationary pressures caused by price inflation of commodities and energy.  Stuart highlighted the need to focus on quality investing as opposed to getting caught in the value / growth trap, and Nick underlined the need for wise planning, prudent asset allocation and investing in quality assets for the long term.


Download the transcript by pressing here.

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