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The early trailers in January 2024 for what is probably Chancellor Jeremy’s Hunt’s last ”fiscal event” featured Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promising “more to come” on tax cuts.

As the UK general election comes into view, it looks likely Britain will be going to the polls in the Autumn of this year.

Jeremy Hunt’s second Autumn Statement was set against a much less financially turbulent background than his first. However, politics still loomed large with a likely election in the next 12 months prompting calls for tax cuts from within the Conservative party.

This note summarises the main pension rules in terms of the contribution and benefit limits, the treatment during the accumulation phase and the exit options (including death benefits), matters which should be considered for any investment, and to provide our general guidance and comments.

The first Budget since October 2021 was widely expected to be an uneventful affair. Five months ago, the then new Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, presented an Autumn Statement that was more of a Budget than many formal Budgets.

The first autumn Budget for three years was a three-part presentation. The Chancellor’s well-trailed speech was accompanied by the first multi-year Spending Review since 2015 and the latest Economic and Fiscal Outlook (EFO) from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

In recent years, emerging technology has begun a revolution in the way people are thinking about money – digital currency and cryptocurrencies are attracting much media and regulator attention. Given that a potentially disruptive revolution is under way, we believe it is important to understand the make-up and potential uses of digital currency.