Digital and Cryptocurrencies: 21st Century Money?

Briefing Notes
In recent years, emerging technology has begun a revolution in the way people are thinking about money – digital currency and cryptocurrencies are attracting much media and regulator attention.  Given that a potentially disruptive revolution is underway, we believe it is important to understand the make-up and potential uses of digital currency; the latest LWP briefing note from Ian McCafferty, one of our senior advisers and leading economist, sets out to clarify and guide us through these issues – available by pressing here.  It is for information purposes only.
We do hope you find the briefing note helpful, and while it is certain that unregulated cryptocurrencies will never be a recommended investment for clients of London Wall Partners, it is important to understand the ramifications of digital payments on the payments industry and the wider economy.  Indeed, some of our model holdings are invested in businesses that are involved in the payments industry.
Internal reference: 210087