Archive - January 2024

London Wall Partners have plenty to say on a wide number of economic and financial matters. This section provides a list of our news and views on a historic basis.

As the UK general election comes into view, it looks likely Britain will be going to the polls in the Autumn of this year.

You are welcome to listen to our quarterly economic and investment update, recorded on 11 January 2024, with the following contributors from London Wall Partners (“LWP”):
  • Ian McCafferty, CBE, former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee and member of the LWP Investment Committee;
  • Stuart Fowler, Investment Director of LWP; and
  • Ni

Markets finished 2023 on a positive note in light of potential interest rate cuts in 2024.  US 10-year Treasury yields declined from a peak of around 5% to below 4% at the year end, and global stock markets rose sharply in November and December.  However, sterling strength meant returns for UK investors were reduced.  The increase in the pound against the US dollar reflects the e

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