"Honestly, I have to tell you that I am more than a little blown away by your immediate attention and care ... I haven’t really felt this level of support ever over financial issues and decisions."



"[Name of Individual], I have mentioned Nick to you and spoken about his particular (and successful!) approach to individual wealth management.  You will enjoy chatting with him - he is a font of wisdom and very passionate about the work he does."

Senior Executive in the Media and Entertainment world


"Many thanks for your email. It is pleasing that we are in good hands!"

Partner, Private Client Accountancy Firm


"Congratulations also to the team for the very impressive numbers"

Retired member of HM Diplomatic Service


"Thank you so much for this and for all your hard work on our behalf over the past year.  Many thanks again to you and the team for steering us through such a difficult year - the outcome of 12.2% net of all fees and charges on our invested capital for the year to 31 October 2020, has far surpassed my expectations!  We agree to the recommendations and the fee increase, which is well deserved."

Retired former CFO of FTSE 100 company and NED


"We are very pleased to note how the positioning of the portfolio has allowed it to carry us through such turbulent times in the positive way that it has.  We are grateful for the work and that of your colleagues have put in that has enabled this."

Retired Senior Industrialist and spouse


"I am really pleased with the way my investments are working.  Thank you and your team for all your advice and hard work especially through the very turbulent times we have had earlier this year."



“Thank you for your excellent report, which is very detailed and well thought through. My wife and I are very grateful for your advice on our investments, and have no hesitation in commending your services to others.”

Senior Adviser - leading investment banking firm


“I found the experience of transferring from your former firm to London Wall Partners quick and completely painless.  I might add that it is a pleasure to be back with my original advisory team and I note, not without some relevance to the overall mission, that the performance of the portfolio is considerably stronger.”

Partner - International Law Firm


“It was evident that the firm are highly focused on achieving appropriate client outcomes.  The back office team is well resourced with a large team of able, enthusiastic and highly qualified Analysts/ Associates, to support the advising Principal Partners in delivering the firm’s clients a first class level of service.  The compliance roles and responsibilities were clearly defined and a comprehensive risk management framework is in place.  I was particularly impressed with the documented advice procedures and the MiFID II project plan (which were generally more detailed and comprehensive than most firms I encounter).“

Independent compliance and business risk consultants (Gary Brawley FPFS, Chartered Financial Planner)


"I feel like I am in safe hands and you are making my life easier.  You have a happy client.”

CEO – large technology firm


“Our decision a few years ago to switch to Nick Fletcher and his team proved wise.  The service at London Wall Partners has continued to be efficient and highly organised, and our regular reviews have left me with a lot of confidence about the state of our overall financial position.  The advice is always clear and personalised and I have developed a high degree of trust in the quality of the team and the high standards to which they operate.  Most importantly, you have that sense that everything has been thought through properly and that the agreed actions will happen – I sleep easy in that knowledge!”

International business leader in private equity


“Thank you for looking after us over the last decade in such an exemplary manner – it is deeply appreciated.  We have every confidence that you, supported by your team at London Wall Partners LLP, will continue to provide sound independent financial and investment advice to us and our wider family.”

Retired Partner – leading City law firm


“I just wanted to say thanks to you and your colleagues for the Investment Review and Recommendations report.  It is – by a long way – the clearest report of this kind I’ve ever read. It explains our recent and since inception gains and losses (which I’ve never seen anyone do before!) and makes the recommendations easy to understand.”

CEO – private equity firm


“We are really pleased to have found a financial advisor who listens to our wishes and ideas and tailors a service to meet them. The process is straightforward and cost effective and is fully meeting our expectations.”

Retired Architect and Retired University Administrator


“Many thanks…I continue to bless the day Mr X introduced me to you”.

Widow of former City law firm partner


"Thank you for that meticulous exposition".

Retired Partner of City firm


“You have been so incredibly helpful, and have made what would normally feel like Double Dutch to me a far smoother experience than I had feared.”

Newly married daughter of a client


“My wife and I were introduced to Nick Fletcher and his team at London Wall Partners by a great friend who is one of their existing clients.  We were seeking new advice and at our first meeting we were very impressed by the detailed and highly professional approach, which subsequently has proved highly beneficial to us.  We had no hesitation in transferring our business and all our portfolios to the care of LWP and are delighted with the results.  In our personal view this firm is the most honest wealth management team we have come across.  They are a delight to work with and we have already recommended them to others and indeed have no hesitation in commending them to anyone seeking serious financial advice.”

Retired surgeon


“The instructions were clear and you’re making my life easy – which is exactly what I hoped I was paying for.”

CEO – large technology firm


“Dear Nick, It is a great encouragement to know that we are in reasonable financial shape; the burden off us is huge. Thank you so much for your time and energy, both to you and your colleagues. We are more grateful than we can express.”

Senior global clergyman and wife


“Your report was enormously impressive and should anything happen to us, we would trust you to manage our children’s investments.”

Deputy CEO of global financial services business


“I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our visit to your LWP offices yesterday - it really felt very good.  We were particularly pleased to meet Ruth and Stuart but it was also really nice to walk through the general office and see your other colleagues and where it all happens.  You must all be very proud of your achievement to date and we were both very impressed. It is a great pleasure to be back with you again.”

Retired Publishers


“I think you’re the most organised people in the world.”

Interior design consultant


“Thank you Nick. We found the discussion very helpful and I hesitate to say this but probably feel the most comfortable we ever have about the management of our portfolio.”

Retired entrepreneur and wife


“I had been mulling over transferring out of what seemed like a precious and untouchable final salary pension for over a year.  Not a decision to be taken lightly and without proper thought and advice. It seemed to be so obvious to me that I was sure I was missing something.  I responded to an ad in The FT (something I have never done before) to attend a seminar with London Wall Partners to debate the issues.  It was only then that I realised that I was not alone in making such a momentous decision.  From the moment I appointed LWP to provide formal advice and run the process they were efficient, knowledgeable, on budget and timely.  I found it particularly useful and reassuring that there was a real person available on the end of a phone line who actually knew what they were talking about.  A rarity in the pension's world.  A top notch and faultless performance all round.”

Retired investment banker


“You go 'above and beyond’, as they say these days, to look after your clients!  I am very grateful for your advice and unstinting moral support and most appreciative, too, of all the help the members of your team give with investment strategy, planning, tax returns.”

Widow of former City law firm partner


“Thank you so much to you and all your team for working so hard to provide me with such an amazing return on my investments.  I am very grateful.”

Artist and mother of four children


“A line to thank you and the team at LWP for the very satisfactory investment performance over the 10 months September 2016 - July 2017.  And, as always, the excellent and responsive client service and advice - my wife and I are so pleased that we made the decision to rejoin you.”

Retired Publishers


“You are doing a wonderful job for us for which we are very grateful!”

International lawyer (husband) and former fund manager (wife)


“It was very good to see you today and thanks for all the good advice. We are very pleased with the results and performance!”

International business leader in information and technology (husband) and entrepreneurial business owner (wife)


“I would like to thank you and your team for the assistance you have given me in sorting out my life and pensions arrangements.  When we first met on this subject back in 2016, my files were full of confusing paperwork, often from companies which had long ago changed name or been acquired.  You managed to put all this into an organised file, along with a very tidy schedule setting out all the different policies in relevant categories.

You also prepared a clear and comprehensive financial summary of my assets and an Asset Allocation which showed a rather unbalanced picture as it integrated my pension scheme, ISA and other assets into one schedule.  This in turn led to a comprehensive and integrated set of recommendations which even included what to do about my state pension entitlement.  As I have managed my own SSAS for almost 30 years, it was very helpful to review these recommendations, many of which were implemented in the ensuing months.  It was particularly helpful to have your recommendations on funds as I was continuing to de-risk my portfolio by disposing of shareholdings in single companies.

I very much doubt I would have been able to achieve all this without your help.  Starting with a clear schedule of assets, an analysis of the SSAS and detailed information of the unit-linked life policies, it was much easier to identify where my overall portfolio was too highly concentrated and hence where best to diversify.  You and your team are to be commended for creating order out of the chaotic files with which you started, for which I am most grateful.”

Investment Banker


“One of my best experiences in 2018 was meeting you, your team and London Wall Partners.  You have something special there – you put the client first, do the hard work, give good advice and treat everyone with dignity and respect internally and externally and your success has followed!”

Vice-Chairman - global financial services business


“The great thing about LWP is that they are ‘all over it’ and are meticulous and rigorous in their analysis of your financial situation and portfolio and this, coupled with impressive portfolio performance, makes for a very powerful package.  I now need to rely on my investments for my income, so I needed to make sure that I was getting the best advice.  One of their tenets is to bring corporate discipline to private money, and each six months you get a full review, plus net worth balance sheet, which shows precisely what your overall investment performance (over each asset class) is for the previous six months.  I have never had that before from any adviser in such detail.”

International lawyer – retired partner of UK City law firm and US law firm


“The service provided by London Wall Partners is amazing and exactly what I was hoping it would be.  The consumability and clarity of the advice given has greatly assisted my wife and I to make educated decisions on important matters in our lives and the written reports provide a great record we can reflect on in the future.  It is brilliant – thank you so much.”

Technology firm executive


“I have to commend you on the quality and detail of your reporting, which was excellent.  It was clear and helpful and very much appreciated.”

Former CEO and trustee of significant British family