Clients We Serve

We are of greatest value to you as a client when:

  • You care about being a good steward of your capital;
  • You need an independent expert on your side of the table;
  • You need someone who will really listen to you and understand your overall objectives;
  • You need someone to pay meticulous attention to the details of your finances;
  • You want someone who can help look after your prospective beneficiaries' money;
  • You want proper advice delivered with a clear rationale and in plain English;
  • You are not sure whether the products or assets in which you are invested are right for you;
  • You wonder whether your investments are delivering satisfactory returns for the risk taken;
  • You want to know how to at least protect your capital and preferably grow it; and
  • You don’t know when to move into markets and when to come out of them.

These are just ten of the many needs you may have. You should expect to receive regular reports and fast turnaround times to your queries. This should be at sensible and justifiable fee levels that reflect the work and the level of expertise that is required, across the different disciplines of pensions, tax reporting, estate planning, asset allocation, investment strategy and fund selection.

We would love to help you and we will let you know if we are unable to do so at a transparent and sensible price that is proportionate to your circumstances. We don’t sell products, and we will fiercely guard our independence and your capital. We are passionate about proper financial planning and prudent investment and our desire is to look after you and your money in a manner that delights you.

We would be pleased to discuss your needs, therefore do please contact our Senior Partner, Nick Fletcher on +44 (0) 203 696 6801 or email