Welcome from Nick Fletcher

Welcome to London Wall Partners and thank you for visiting. Our single-minded purpose is to provide independent financial advice to clients, thereby sharing the burden of responsibility of being wise with money.

Anyone with a variety of assets should be thinking through their financial planning and investments in a joined up and proactive manner. However, most people have little time to analyse the complexities from the huge array of choice and ever-changing market conditions.

Our job is to (i) understand the personal context of each client/family, (ii) distil the essence of what matters and the priorities of each person, (iii) recommend courses of action based on sound analysis, expert knowledge and common sense, (iv) assist with implementation, and (v) review, evaluate and report regularly.

London Wall Partners brings together a collection of people with a wealth of experience in strategic financial planning, global investment advice and diligent regulated operations. We care about doing a professional, competent and pleasing job for clients, while sitting firmly on their side of the table.

Available, Dependable, Valuable, Independent, Straightforward, Efficient and Rational are adjectives that form part of our ethos, which makes us the choice ADVISER. We would love to meet you to discuss your needs and objectives on a strictly confidential basis, whether as a prospective client or partner.

Yours sincerely

Nick Fletcher
Senior Partner, London Wall Partners LLP