It is a very sad fact that the terms independent financial advice and independent financial adviser have become associated with a heavy sales pressure and opaque commission structures.

Our aim is to give our clients truly independent advice based upon the enormous experience of our partners and staff, and to deliver that advice in a manner and format that is comprehensive, fully transparent and understandable. We believe that providing proper financial advice is as important to our clients as doctors providing medical advice, lawyers providing legal advice and accountants providing business advice.

Further, our fees are not based upon Assets under Management (AuM). At London Wall Partners, our clients are charged an agreed fixed fee for a year’s advice for the work that we do. Our clients can be sure that there are no ulterior motives in any advice that we give them, and that proactively looking after their interests is the primary, over-arching focus of our service.

Our ethos is based on serving others, thinking carefully about what we say and do, acting professionally / diligently with integrity, approaching matters positively in a solution oriented manner and doing unto others as we would have them do to us.