Careers / Staff Testimonials

We are actively recruiting. Graduates and those with existing qualifications and experience in financial planning, investment advice or global economics at any level should apply. This is likely to include Chartered Financial Advisers, CFA charterholders and those with qualifications from different professions such as accountancy or law.

We would love to meet you, therefore please email your CV to or call on +44 (0)20 3696 6829.



“After working with another financial adviser for over four years, I wanted to take the next step in my career. London Wall Partners has provided me with real opportunities to progress and develop, as well as strong support towards achieving Chartered status. I thoroughly enjoy working with other like-minded professionals; everything we do is centred around doing our absolute best for the client, with professionalism from the first minute of the day to the last. Knowing that clients receive such a high level of service gives me immense satisfaction."

Peter Cross – Chartered Financial Planner


"As a graduate, the opportunity to work closely with some of the industry's most experienced practitioners in a firm with such clear and defined vision, ethos and values was unmissable. The prospect of gaining exposure to a number of aspects of the business was extremely appealing, allowing me to grow with the firm and gain invaluable experience along the way."

Alisdair Blackbourn - Graduate Trainee Financial Planner


“Having worked previously in Marketing in the financial sector at companies including; Abbey National and The London Stock Exchange, I came to London Wall Partners after an eight year career break. I have found the team to be very welcoming and hugely professional. The leadership sets the bar high in terms of work ethic and integrity, in dealing with clients and staff alike. My time with London Wall Partners has been hugely beneficial in both my personal and professional development and I am hugely grateful for the faith they placed in me after my prolonged absence from the work force.”

Victoria Gray – Marketing


“As a law student, entering into the financial world was a daunting prospect, but one that I felt would strengthen a range of numeracy and interpersonal skills, whilst better preparing me for a career in the City. Though I had very little experience, the benefits of a close-knit team became immediately apparent at London Wall Partners. I was given one-on-one training with different members of the firm, and became an integral cog in the London Wall Partners machine from the first day. It is a firm that focuses primarily on people, and this is evident not only by the way they treat clients, but by the way they treat colleagues too. My internship at London Wall Partners has given me financial knowledge and exposure for which I am extremely grateful, and will be invaluable in the future."

James Whybrow - Intern


"My internship at London Wall Partners was an extremely valuable opportunity. Despite only being an intern I was entrusted with important tasks and at once felt welcomed into the team. I gained a detailed insight into the working of a partnership, one which demands integral relationships with its clients, which I found greatly beneficial."

Stewart Horder - Intern


"I was motivated to join London Wall Partners by the opportunity to make use of both my analytical and people skills. The prospect of working with clients is one which I relish and similarly I thoroughly enjoy working in a small, focused team. I have benefited greatly from working closely with experts in their respective fields and have seen the firm grow tremendously. The ethos of complete independence with absolutely no conflicts is a breath of fresh air as is the attention to detail and thoroughness. I am interested only in helping people, not benefitting from their wealth, and therefore London Wall Partners is the ideal company for whom to work."

Sam Esser - Graduate Trainee Financial Planner


“One of the highlights of my internship at London Wall Partners was the amount of meaningful work that I was given, which gave me exposure to the full spectrum of the financial advisory industry. The friendliness of everyone in the team also helped make the internship so rewarding as they were always happy to take time out and answer my questions. This friendliness, as well as the ambition to grow the business, created an exciting environment to work in. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and am grateful for the opportunities given to me through the internship.”

Jamie Hodge - Intern


“While being a school leaver with little practical experience of the financial sector and the wider business world, working at London Wall Partners was both a very valuable and greatly enjoyable experience. The welcoming and approachable attitude of all the staff creates a perfect office environment that drew me into the London Wall Partners team from day one and their ethos of friendly professionalism, which they bring to every aspect of their work. I left the internship with a greatly improved level of attention to detail, research skills and importance of complete client focus. As such, I am very grateful for this internship experience and believe it will have improved my future job prospects.“

George Russell - Intern


“I was very grateful to be put in touch with London Wall Partners by someone who spoke very highly of the business and those involved. I have had the opportunity to work closely with and learn from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, which has been invaluable. I am delighted to be part of a company where everyone has the common goal of providing the best quality financial advice to clients in an open and transparent way.”

Jonny Rusbridge – Fund Analyst


“Beginning my career at London Wall Partners as a Graduate Trainee offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and work closely with some of the most experienced advisers in the industry. Working for a firm who places such great emphasis on providing the best possible service to its clients by offering transparent, independent advice provides great satisfaction, knowing the work I do helps to make our clients’ lives easier. From day one I have been involved with client work and have received not only support but also encouragement from my colleagues to pursue my professional qualifications.“

David Mair – Assistant Financial Planner


“Being part of such a professional firm with a clear vision of its future has been a fantastic introduction to the financial services sector. Integrity and exceedingly high standards make up LWP’s DNA and the ethos of transparent advice, sitting on the clients side of the table, is one that runs throughout the company. As a graduate trainee the responsibility and exposure I have been given to all facets of the business has been a steep learning curve, but one that has been hugely beneficial to my personal development.”

Alex Morgan – Assistant Financial Planner


“Having recently joined London Wall Partners from one of the large accountancy firms, I have been welcomed into a friendly, cohesive and dedicated team. I thoroughly enjoy my level of responsibility, the variety of work and working with like-minded professionals. It is truly inspirational to work for a market leading firm, which seamlessly combines financial planning and investment management advice, to provide a first class service to City professionals, entrepreneurs and government officials.”

Ross Gardner – Associate


"As soon as I started my internship with London Wall Partners I was made to feel immediately welcome by all members of staff. They were happy to answer questions I had and offer advice. I was also trusted with important tasks despite having no previous financial experience. Overall, my internship was an extremely valuable experience."

Ben Marrow - Intern


“Merely stepping foot into a financial firm with a background in Science can be a daunting prospect, but it most certainly was not at London Wall Partners. From being at the firm for only a day, I learnt a lot about how the firm operates and what it takes to be a Financial Planner. It is clear that the flat, non-hierarchical structure at LWP truly works and allows everyone's voice to be heard. The insight day has demystified life as a Financial Planner and has given me a flavour of what life in the City is really like.

Thank you once again …. for such a brilliant day, it is clear that a lot of hard work went into the planning and execution, for that I am extremely grateful as it will allow me to make better informed decisions about a career in finance.”

Sulaimaan Mughal – Imperial College student participant on Work Shadowing Day


“I am grateful that London Wall Partners organised this insight day for undergraduate students interested in financial planning / investment management. The event was comprehensive and well-planned, with different staffs covering various parts of the firm’s operation. Given this was LWP’s first event of its kind, they have definitely set the standard high. The event will allow me to make informed decisions when I make a career choice in the near future.”

Martin Ho – Imperial College student participant on Work Shadowing Day


“I sincerely am grateful to have taken part in this incredibly organised and well-planned event, there wasn't a single moment of my day at London Wall Partners that I didn't find informative and thought-provoking. With a perfect balance of interactive tasks and informative conversations with different members of staff, I left with a keen interest in asset management and a hunger to learn more at, and indeed about, this company; they have helped me consider my options and may have potentially have shaped my career in the coming years.”

Tahmid Wadud – Imperial College student participant on Work Shadowing Day


“As an intern, I have thoroughly enjoyed working at London Wall Partners; from day one they welcomed me into their working environment and have been helpful throughout. There is a great team spirit and community feel among colleagues, which I have been very pleased to be a part of. Thank you very much for the opportunity which has given me great experience before starting my new job.”

Richard Yarrow - Intern


“I had a very interesting and rewarding time at London Wall as an intern. I was welcomed from day one and made to feel part of the team. I was constantly challenged and given work that was out of my comfort zone, which I really appreciated.

Seeing a company like London Wall from the inside gave me an appreciation of exactly how much hard work and ethical consideration goes into everything that London Wall produces and I would highly recommend them to any future employee or client.”

Dickie Turner - Intern


“The eight weeks I have spent as an intern at London Wall Partners has been both a fabulous learning experience and a great environment to work in. The team here are clearly experts in their fields and they have all been generous in making sure I got exposure to a broad range of skills whilst here. They are a strong team in every sense – as partners to each other and as partners to their clients – and this makes for a dynamic working environment. I want to thank them all for my time here.”

Oliver Griffiths - Intern


“Starting out with limited knowledge in the field of financial advice, I hugely enjoyed the challenge of discovering the way in which London Wall Partners has successfully grown its business. It taught me so much about professionalism in terms of client care, marketing and reporting amongst other areas. I was particularly grateful for the warm and supportive environment which encouraged me to participate in and learn from the team. Over three months, I developed a deep insight into the thorough and personal ethos of the organisation and was consistently impressed by the way members of the team went above and beyond to provide an excellent and independent service for their clients.”

Bea Jackson – Intern


“Working for London Wall Partners over the past month has been a great experience for me to develop personally and learn new skills that I can use later on in life. I was supported by a great team in the office which was dedicated and hardworking and always helpful when I became stuck. I would definitely recommend the firm for anyone looking for a financial advisor, or some experience as an intern or as a full time employee, as you will always feel welcome and supported throughout your time with them.”

Michael Johnston - Intern


“Working at London Wall Partners as an intern has been a priceless experience, I have had the privilege of working with excellent industry professionals in almost every arm of the business, spending time with such experienced and intelligent people has been hugely enjoyable and insightful. Seeing the passion and vigour with which they serve their clients has been inspiring. Anyone working with and for London Wall Partners can be confident that they will stretch themselves and flourish as a result.”

Ben Naughton – Intern