Who We Are

London Wall Partners LLP is a partnership of complementary skills that brings together all that is needed for the management of personal financial assets for individuals and families.

We have considerable experience and understanding of pensions, estate and financial planning, investment strategy and fund selection, as well as a passion to give clients the best advice possible, and to serve them well. The firm sets itself apart from its competitors by doing a large number of small things in a precise and extraordinary manner, in addition to the following strategic differences:

  • Being truly independent;
  • Bringing together strategic financial planning with global investment advice;
  • Net worth performance reporting;
  • Using fixed fees or hourly rates to eliminate conflicts of interest; and
  • Being owned by the people that operate the firm day-to-day.

London Wall Partners' mission is to provide the highest quality of truly independent, professional advice and service around an individual's personal financial situation, including the wider family. This level of service is provided within an independent partnership structure, which can focus solely on the needs of clients. The firm seeks to ensure that, in everything it does, its clients' interests are paramount.

The firm operates on a fully transparent fixed fee or hourly rate basis, which is simple, easy to understand and is discussed and agreed in advance with clients.